Farmhouse Fibers specializes in luxurious llama fiber from the silky llamas raised at Yellow Wood Llamas. Our llamas have won many awards for the quality of their fiber. We offer pure llama yarn and roving for spinning, as well as raw fleeces. We also have several wonderful blends of llama with kid mohair, angora bunny, silk and the finest sheep fleeces such as merino. We have a select amount of fine alpaca yarns. Our yarns are custom created for us at a specialty mill, and we also have hand spun llama yarn, including made-to-order hand spun. Yarns are available in a variety of natural colors, including pure white and jet black, as well as several beautifully dyed colors.

Llama fiber is a naturally strong and warmer than wool. It is hypoallergenic and does not have the scales on the fiber that can make many sheep wools feel scratchy. The finest silky llama has virtually no guard hair and is a soft, high luster fiber with a silky feel, ideal for many luxury garments. Llama blended with other natural fibers brings out the best in both natural fibers. We continue to blend fine fleeces to achieve yarns for your special projects. If you have any questions about our yarns, please email!

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