Beautiful Snowy Day

I have not blogged in awhile; perhaps a long while!  …but today is perfect blogging weather.  We are in the midst of a fairly heavy snow storm, perhaps 4-5 inches or more.  The landscape is just beautiful and untouched.  We can sit by the picture windows and look out at the birdfeeders, restocked yesterday with Chickadee’s Delight.  This feed looks good enough to eat, with all its various nutty delights, and it attracts a huge array of birds, including the brilliant red cardinals, titmice, juncos, chickadees, and downy, hairy and red-headed woodpeckers.  Both fox and gray squirrels investigate the nuts that fall to the ground, but so far have not been able to reach the feeders themselves.  We also put out stale home-made bread for the crows.  The only ones who enjoy the show more our the cats, who we’ve seen sitting right beneath the feeders, looking up with anticaption!  They were dimayed when I put out higher poles so they can’t reach the birds though.  As fat as the cats are, I don’t think the birds were ever in much danger. Today, with the snow, the cats are not too interested anyway.

I have some spinning orders to start and I need to finish cleaning out the four-season room where my looms, wheels and yarn are stored.  The weather is just about perfect for that, since we don’t care to go out.  Soup is on the stove for lunch and we are both blessed to be retired finally and not have to go to work in the mess, just stay home and enjoy it!  Other than heading out to feed the llamas, we can stay inside and work on reading and some housecleaning.  I also need to start a project on my big loom, but somehow something more pressing always seems to get in the way.  Perhaps with the snow and upcoming cold spell (gee, colder yet!  Hot diggity!  ….not)  I can finally get started on some weaving too.  Or maybe I’ll update the yarn on the site!  Stay tuned and stay warm!

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