Custom Blends

HS#22 Alpaca Wild West Twist


HS-22 Alpaca Wild West Twist

Here’s the Alpaca blend version of our Wild West Twist; a brown and white variagated yarn with a lot of texture.  This blend is 70% alpaca, 20% cormo, and 10% soy silk.  It is a 2-ply heavy worsted weight of about 9 to 10 wpi.  This is a very fine, softly spun, fun and unique yarn!

Price: $30 for 138 yards

HS#21 Raspberry Dyed Alpaca Blend

HS_21This yarn is a blend of 80% alpaca, 10% silk and 10% cormo.  It is a 2-ply heavy worsted to bulky yarn of about 8 to 9 wpi.  It is softly spun and textured with white and dark flecks; a very striking and unique yarn!

Price: $27 for 134 yards

HS#20 Muave and Gray/Blue Llama Blend

HS_20 This lot is a blend of 85% llama, 10% BFL, and 5% silk.  The roving was dyed with muave and blended with gray, which resulted in a yarn with a unique muave and gray-blue color.  It is a very pretty and unusual yarn.  It is a softly spun, heavy worsted weight 2-ply of about 10 to 11 wpi.

Price: $34 for 170 yards

HS#17 Llamafetti

HS_17Llamafetti is a unique blend of snow white llama and soy silk in colors of denim, raspberry and muave.  The yarn is a fine, softly spun worsted weight at about 11 wpi.  This lot color has been very popular.

Price: $20 per 100 yard skein.

HS#15 Michele Red Sparkle

HS_15 This is a unique yarn out of our llama Michele.  Red angelina has been added to the yarn, which gives a red sparkle to the yarn which has a base of  cinammon brown with white flecks.  The effect is very pretty and items I have knitted with this yarn have received many compliments.  Unfortunately, the sparkle does not show well on the photo.  If you are interested in this yarn, I can email a higher resolution photo that may show the sparkle better.

This is a worsted weight yarn of about 11 to 12 wpi.

Price: $22 for 100 yard skein.

Lla-Moh-Bun Yarn Arrives

whitescarve_web250.jpgWe are finally offering our custom blend Lla-Moh-Bun for sale online! This is a special yarn for your special projects. It is about 47% Silky Llama, 47% Kid Mohair, and 6% Angora Bunny. This yarn has an especially silky feel to it, with extra high luster. The Angora Bunny will add a bloom to the yarn as you work with it. We are very excited about this yarn. It is the culmination of effort between Yellow Wood Llamas and Timbre Ridge Farm, who provided the kid mohair and angora bunny. Spinderellas in Utah worked with us to have the yarn custom blended and spun. We invite you to try some for that next special project!

Worsted weight yarn, available in two colors:

Winter White and Light Silver Frost

Price: $15 for 100 yard skein