HS#21 Raspberry Dyed Alpaca Blend

HS_21This yarn is a blend of 80% alpaca, 10% silk and 10% cormo.  It is a 2-ply heavy worsted to bulky yarn of about 8 to 9 wpi.  It is softly spun and textured with white and dark flecks; a very striking and unique yarn!

Price: $27 for 134 yards

HS#20 Muave and Gray/Blue Llama Blend

HS_20 This lot is a blend of 85% llama, 10% BFL, and 5% silk.  The roving was dyed with muave and blended with gray, which resulted in a yarn with a unique muave and gray-blue color.  It is a very pretty and unusual yarn.  It is a softly spun, heavy worsted weight 2-ply of about 10 to 11 wpi.

Price: $34 for 170 yards

Two Scarves made from dyed llama yarn and eyelash yarn


Super-Silky 100% Llama Yarn

A light sportweight of 1050 yards per pound. Available in colors (left to right): Plum, Hibiscus, natural white (undyed), Lily (middle), Avocado (top), Lucerne (bottom).

Dyed colors: (200 yard skein, $13.50).

Natural White: (200 yard skein, $12.00: Sorry, Sold Out)

Far right is Light Fawn Alpaca/Silk blend, (200 yard skein, $16.50).