Still More Llama Roving

dark_roving_350.jpgLeft: Winter Wood. Blend of browns, grays and lighter colors. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT.


Right: Driftwood Blend of black, white, gray and brown. Makes a soft tweedy yarn with a lot of character. ($12 per 4 oz ball).

More Llama Roving

tia_white_michele_roving_35.jpgLeft: Natural White, silky and lofty, $12 per 4 oz ball.

White, not shown. Not quite as silky as above, but lofty and soft for spinning or felting projects. ($10 per 4 oz ball).

Middle: Michele, a beautiful honey cinnamon with white flecks. Silky and fine. ($12 per 4 oz ball).

Right: Tia, honey and white natural blend. One of my favorites. Soft and lofty. ($12 per 4 oz. ball).

Llama and Alpaca Roving

reds_twist_rovingLlama and Alpaca Roving

Left: Curry red 80% llama/20% wool, very consistent fine roving. ($10 per 4 oz ball).

Middle: almost black and white twist; spin it different ways to get different effects! Fine and fun to use. ($12 per 4 oz ball).

Right: Phantom Red alpaca. From our favorite farm alpaca! ($12 per 4 oz ball).