Learning To Weave

Since it’s first printing a decade ago, Learning to Weave has become the standard text book for both teachers and self-taught weavers. All you need to know is here including warping, reading and designing drafts, and the basics of weave structures. Warping back to front is included as well as updated resource lists.

Laura’s Review: If you want a single book that is comprehensive but will not overwhelm the novice, this is it. I use it for reference again and again. As I expand my weaving repetoire, I am sure I will continue to consult this text. For example, I had always wondered how double weave worked; it sounded like a trick of smoke and mirrors to me. Then after I read the section on double weave, the explanation was so clear, that the method was obvious and the mystery disappeared. This book has given me that “ah-hah” sensation on several occasions. If you must learn from a book rather than a class, start with this book. It is destined to be a classic, if it is not already.

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