Big Book of Handspinning (Alden Amos)

Alden Amos shares his deep knowledge of wheel mechanics, spinning fibers, wheel construction, and yarn, as well as a wealth of spinning history and traditions. Every aspect of handspinning is explored, including dissolving lanolin, washing fleece, rotating wheel position, and choosing types of wool. Also discussed are various hand positions, which can result in everything from smooth, fine thread to funky, bulky yarn.

Laura’s Review

This is one of the most comprehensive books on handspinning that I have ever read. The author goes into great detail on many subjects including how spinning wheels work, and how fiber “works” during spinning and plying, and how to best employ various techniques. While the author does tend to use some lame humor and has some strong opinions (the one that seems to draw the most ire is his adamant opinion about single treadle vs double treadle wheels), the book still contains mountains of information that are great for reference. This may not be a beginner’s book, unless one is very technically minded. But intermediate and advanced spinners or those wanting a depth of knowledge in one place will find this book invaluable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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