Winter Arrives

snow.jpgWinter has been a little late coming to Farmhouse Fibers but it came in with a fury yesterday. Yesterday morning Laura and I headed to Bloomington, Indiana (about 20 miles away) to pickup bread and bagels from Panera Bread. We thought we had a few hours before the weather hit, but by the time we arrived in Bloomington it was snowing heavily and the roads were already covered with a slippery layer of snow.

We were both surprised when I turned into Panera’s parking lot and the car got half way through the turn and decided to continue in a straight path toward the mediun divider. I was only going a couple of miles per hour, but it was still pretty scary. Needless to say, we were having second thoughts about our Saturday morning road trip.

We walked through the heavy snow into Paneras and loaded up on coffee, bagels and bread and headed back toward Martinsville before the roads got much worse. Once we had the car tucked safely back in the garage we ate a quick breakfast and headed out to the barn to check on Lewis and the other llamas.   They were obviously much smarter than we had been because they were all snuggled in the comfort of  the cover of the barns.

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